Website Ad Specs

Preferred Sizes

Note: Not actual size
680px x 35px, 450px x 200px, 300px x 60px

Additional Available Sizes

  • 728x90, 300x250, 160x600, and 160x120
  • Contact Us to discuss custom sizes not listed.

General Guidelines

  • GIF, JPG, Flash 8 (SWF), HTML and/or Javascript accepted.
  • All rotational ads have a maximum K size of 40K or less.
  • No ad can auto-play sound or play sound on roll over, all sound must be user initiated by a click.
  • All expandable ads must be user initiated.
  • Backup images (GIF/JPG) are required with all Flash files.


Shannon McKeown

VP of Advertising Sales and Business Development
phone: (608) 310-4278 x121
fax: (608) 441-9622
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Sending Us Stuff

Note: Please limit total attachments to 10mb

FTP details available on request.

Roto Sports, Inc.
740 Regent Street, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53715

Website Ad Specs

Available Sizes

Note: Not actual size
Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page


  • Digital PDF files are the preferred format for print advertisements.
  • Files 10 MB in size or smaller may be emailed.
  • Files larger than 10 MB should be delivered on CD or DVD.


All fonts should be included with the digital file — both screen and printer fonts for Postscript fonts, or the proper Open Type font. Only Type 1 Postscript fonts or Open Type fonts are accepted — DO NOT use True Type fonts. Please include all the fonts in the family and all photos or linked art used in the file.

Linked Files

  • If not using PDF, please send your files in a compressed, ZIP file.
  • Linked files should be either EPS, TIFF or JPG.
  • Note: Print resolution is 300dpi.
  • Please include a proof that matches each linked file.

Suggested Software

  • InDesign (version CS4 or earlier)
  • Quark XPress (version 7.0 or earlier)
  • Illustrator (version CS4 or earlier)
  • FreeHand (version MX or earlier)
  • Photoshop (version CS4 or earlier)

Radio Ad Specs

Roto Sports, Inc.
740 Regent Street
Suite 200
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 310-4278
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